Interior Designer Islington, North London

We Style Homes believes the perfect interiors lie deep inside the occupant’s heart. To achieve that, we work towards building relationships as much as the technical aspects of interior design.

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Our Shenfield interior designer used a wood panel into a study room.
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How We Create the Perfect Interior Design for Our Islington Clients

The key to achieving perfection in our work is our thorough interior design process, which begins right after you call us. From the moment you share your thoughts and design inspiration, we set the wheels in motion to ensure your needs and aspirations are met. 

What sets We Style Homes apart from other interior designers is how to seek perfection in each tiny design element, all of which sums up to provide your space with a character distinctly your own. This way, you will be provided with a space you can call home.


The interior design process starts with a call. Here, we begin to establish a fruitful relationship that will run deep. The relationships we establish with our clients are crucial to creating a space which contains all the vital design elements that perfectly reflect our client's character.


Before we initiate the design phase, we pay a visit to the physical space that needs transformation. In this stage, we visualize how the design concepts can merge perfectly to create interiors you will cherish.


Combining cutting-edge design tools, traditional mood boards, and information gathered in previous stages, we put the interior design goals conceived together with the client on paper. The process culminates in a meeting where we share design options for you to select.


With help from specialized professionals, each of them an expert in their own right, our team provides the tangible form to your design aspirations. It merges them perfectly with the physical space that serves as the canvas for their craft.


Subtle details are implemented in this stage. Here, We Style Homes provides the elements that will give character to the created space you can call your own. Whether they are bespoke artwork, custom furniture, or smart storage solutions, each element satisfies both your design aspirations and your practical needs.


The work culminates in this ever-exciting stage of our work. We reveal the final form of our work and deliver a space you will cherish for a very long time.


Our Islington Interior Designer will Create a Luxurious yet Practical, Affordable, and Timeless Interior.

We perfectly blend our technical expertise, a team of specialized professionals, and your design aspirations to create spaces clients can call home.

Crafting Perfect Interiors

We Style Homes follows a process whose foundations are firmly based on establishing a fruitful and lasting relationship with our clients because we believe that perfect interiors lie deeply in their hearts.

Professional Team

We Style Homes can call on a team of accomplished individuals and professionals, each an expert in their trade. Their thoroughness and expertise help provide you with tangible results.

Honouring Time

Time is a most valuable resource. That is why we firmly follow strict timelines to deliver the space you desire as soon as possible.

Versatility and Keeping with Design Trends

Our interior design results are flexible and satisfy the demands of contemporary living. We keep up with the latest design trends and apply them perfectly.

Affordable Elegance

We believe luxury doesn't have to go with a hefty price tag. With well-placed and well-conceived elements and perfect use of space, we will provide you with opulent interiors without being extravagant.

Let's Create The Perfect Interior Design in Islington Together

We are excited to work with you to create interiors you can call home. Call us, and let us begin this interior design process together.

Interior Design in Islington: Practical Elegance

Modern living in this part of North London demands specific requirements. Whether for apartments or high-end residences, clients demand expertly crafted interiors that satisfy their practical needs yet have an air of luxury.

Our goal is to create a sanctuary. Islington, North London, is an ideal location for our speciality in developing practical, affordable, yet luxurious interiors. On the other hand, what sets us apart is how we perfectly blend our clients’ character in the space we create, resulting in spaces they can truly call home.

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Interior Designers in Wimbledon designed this bedroom with exceptional bedside pendants.

Our Interior Design Projects

Chigwell Estate

“It was an absolute pleasure working with We Style Homes, they understood our brief from the get go, and created the most amazing results.”

Chigwell Home

With textured wallpaper flowing throughout the rooms and bespoke upholstery and cabinetry making a subtle but impressive statement, every room partnered with one another, creating a very calm place to call home.

Ilford Family Home

“We Style Homes were friendly, easy to work with, full of great ideas and professional. Vandana and Megha respected our budget and have helped us create a home we love to come back to.”

Our Interior Designers In Essex Will Create the Perfect Space For You

Interior Designer in Wimbledon provided this chandelier for a bedroom.
Our Interior Designers for Wimbledon, Vandana & Megha

Let's Start to Turn Your Design Inspiration into Reality in Islington

We are excited to start the interior design journey in Islington with you. All you need to do is call us to share your design inspiration with us.