Interior Designer Hampstead, North London

With decades of expertise, We Style Homes have mastered the art of elevating interior spaces in Hampstead into realms of modern luxury. Our unique interior design approach engages clients in this exhilarating transformation, ensuring that the spaces we create become genuine reflections of a place they can unequivocally call their own.

Take the Exciting Journey with our Hampstead Interior Designer to Create The Perfect Spaces For You

Spanning from newly-built flats to revamped homes in Hampstead, our mission resonates in the creation of interiors that seamlessly embody our clients’ preferences, requirements, and individual aesthetics. This commitment extends to crafting spaces that seamlessly merge opulence with functionality while maintaining affordability and an enduring charm.

Within your home, the interior space stands as its heart. And so, we approach our work without a single detail escapes our attention. Our thoroughness knows no bounds, be it a solitary bedroom, a bathroom haven, a welcoming living area, or an entire domicile. Every facet is meticulously considered to ensure an impeccable fit for your needs, culminating in a space where the joy of dwelling is paramount.

family home interior design woodford vr 24 scaled | Interior Design
family home interior design woodford vr 37 scaled | Interior Design
Our interior designers in Hatfield uses subtle contrasts in accents in a bedroom
apartment interior design westminster vr 44 copy scaled | Interior Design
Our Interior Designer in Chelmsford Chose a Chocolate Brown Lounge Chair

Creating Hampstead Interior Design that Is Modern, Practical, and Luxurious

We’re all about putting in the hard work to nail every step of the interior design process. What makes us stand out is how seriously we take getting to know our clients. Crafting an outstanding space means capturing our clients’ personalities and ideas and then seamlessly weaving them into the very fabric of the room.

We’re genuinely excited to jump into the journey alongside our clients. The better we know them, the more we cherish dreaming up the perfect spaces for them. This journey involves quite a few important stops. Still, the absolute best part is the happiness and satisfaction that radiate from our clients when they see the final results. It’s those moments that make all the effort totally worth it!


Our journey commences with a deep dive into your world, facilitated by a comprehensive questionnaire and an engaging Discovery Call, both designed to unravel your unique vision and design inspiration.


We meticulously survey the site to plan to merge your requirements, desires, and creative sparks into a harmonious interior space.


With your heart and inspiration at the centre, we breathe life into your design aspirations, skillfully merging elements into a space with symphonic resonance.


The transformational phase unfolds, injecting subtle touches into tangible textures and forms that perfectly capture your needs and design aspirations and elicit emotion.


Every element converges with precision through the work of our professional team as we stride confidently towards realising your envisioned haven.


We punctuate this exciting interior design journey by unveiling to you the space you will truly cherish.

family home interior design woodford vr 19 scaled | Interior Design

Our Expert Hampstead Interior Designer Will Create Timeless Interiors that are Practical, Luxurious yet Affordable

In the heart of We Style Homes, a close collaboration with clients leads us to uncover and actualise their ideal interiors. We navigate each stride of the interior design journey, leaving no detail unconsidered – from materials to supplier liaisons – culminating in the exhilarating revelation.

Tailored Perfection

Our craft resides in sculpting interiors that seamlessly align with individual needs and preferences. Embracing modern concepts, we weave them into a design tapestry that addresses your desires.

Expert Ensemble

Together with seasoned architects, artisans, and builders, we work together to punctually deliver top-tier interiors, honouring both time and budget.

Your Time, Our Priority

While the interior design journey comprises multiple stages, efficiency underscores our efforts to promptly realise your aspirations.

Communication at the Core

We treasure the essence of perfect interiors: knowing you deeply. Thus, we maintain open channels for dialogue, enabling a comprehensive understanding of your project while developing lasting relationships.

Affordable Elegance

Harmony between aesthetics, functionality, and affordability drives us. We offer unparalleled value for the services we offer.

Let us Start on Your Hampstead Interior Design Journey

Commencing with the initial stride, we delve into the essence of you. Unveiling the door to perfect interior design hinges on embracing your insights, requirements, and wellsprings of inspiration.

Pillows in an interior design project in Chigwell Grange
family home interior design team woodford vr 05 scaled | Interior Design
Loughton Interior Design project for a bedroom dresser.
Our Passion

Design: The Fusion of Art, Science, Passion, and Inspiration

Our fervour resides in sculpting spaces that resonate with our clients’ affections. Collaborating intimately, we harmonize needs, inspirations, and design inclinations. Guided by our proficient team of architects, builders, and artisans, we orchestrate an exquisite symphony of art, science, and ardour. Employing cutting-edge techniques, we bring your inspiration to life and create perfect spaces you can truly call home.

Portfolio of Our Interior Design Projects

Chelmsford Home

A perfect blend of fabrics, textures, and toned-down colors work seamlessly with natural light. Creating an illusion of space in an attic bedroom

Chelmsford Vanity

Exceptional shapes and contrasting accents lend character to this Chelmsford room.

Minimalist Office

A perfect minimalist’s home office. The combination of neutral colors and straightforward furniture designs are broken by the choices of contrasting colors for cabinets, giving the space a unique character.

Our Interior Designers In Essex Will Create the Perfect Space For You

Interior Designer in Wimbledon provided this chandelier for a bedroom.
Our Interior Designers for Wimbledon, Vandana & Megha

Embark on Your Hampstead Interior Design Journey

Elegance and luxury needn’t be extravagant. Commence your interior design journey by enlisting the expertise of the premier interior designer in Hampstead. Count on interiors that resonate deeply, promising spaces you’ll cherish dwelling within.