7 Excellent Contemporary Modern Living Room Design Ideas

Loughton Interior Design for a living room

In most homes, the living room may be the most visited space by your guests. It can only serve as the place where families spend the bulk of their time together at home, apart from the time taking meals. Aside from these reasons, the living room is typically the largest in the house and is usually the first place anyone entering the room goes into. Those are just a few reasons why the living room is arguably essential in your home when it comes to decorating.

Living Room Interior Design Trends 2023

Loughton Interior Design for a Living Room

As you leaf through interior design magazines over the decades, you may observe that pictures of living rooms serve as a time capsule of prevalent interior design trends. For instance, the art deco movement of the twenties gave way to the neoclassical style of the thirties. Those, in-turn, gave way to mid-century modern themes. The reason for this is that living rooms are a reflection of the lifestyle of the era. The living room designs we create for our clients are perfect examples of how this significant room serves, not only for aesthetic reasons to impress guests but to serve a very practical purpose by maximizing resources.

The Essex Living Room Collection

Loughton Interior Design for a Living Room Window
Loughton Family Home Lounge

At We Style Homes, we work closely with our clients to understand their style, personal values, needs, and passions to create bespoke interiors that reflect their unique tastes. Moreover, the living rooms we provide our clients are practical, affordable, and luxurious, making them ideal to satisfy the demands of today’s needs while reflecting modern aesthetics simultaneously.

The Open Concept Kitchen to Living Room Floor Transition

Shoreditch Interior Design Apartment Kitchen

As many of us move into smaller spaces, such as smaller dwellings or apartments, we seek a space that wastes nothing. By combining interior design cues that match the colors in each room, we achieve a uniform and pleasing design where the transition between the living room and kitchen is seamless. Matching colors of elements, such as kitchen and living room storage and appliances, as well as uniform wood grains for everything on the same floor, create an illusion of space and practical charm that works well for spaces available in apartments, flats, or smaller dwellings.

Incorporating Natural Light into Interior Design

Loughton Interior Design for Living Room Sofas

Many Essex houses have not been built recently. Some of our clients seek us to redecorate mid-century homes. Even without substantial alterations, decades-old interiors can take on a modern feel. Maximizing natural lighting through the perfect selection of colors, such as cream, beige, and subtle natural colors, match perfectly with sunlight streaming into the room, creating a more pleasing and relaxing atmosphere. The fine-drawn contrasts among furniture, wall, ceiling and floor colors also work together to help the room feel more well-lighted.

Warm Minimalist Living Room

Chigwell Rise Warm Minimalist Living Room

Though minimalist living room designs have been popular for decades, their charming practicality has helped them persist. Warm minimalist living room interiors indeed provide a pleasing refuge after a stressful day. Neutral and earth-tone colors that create a warm glow in a room once in contact with natural or accent lighting transform a space with minimal decoration into something stunning and luxurious. Well-appointed but subtle accents and blacks incorporated in specific room elements create an eye-pleasing balance.

Statement Accent Chairs and Personalized Room Decor

Our Interior Designers in Loughton used this modern portrait for a living room

Whether for estates or small apartments, today’s clients want to incorporate their unique personalities into their space. The best way to achieve this is to match strong accents through statement accent chairs or personalized room decor. In the case of this Woodford-Leighton home, the fuschia-pink accent chair, along with a unique giant portrait, brings character to a warm minimalist living room. A balanced, relaxing, and luxurious interior is achieved with a distinct character that defines the owner.

Modern Art Deco Living Room

Wimbledon Interior Design Project for a Modern Living Room

Art Deco and the Bauhaus design movement were ahead of their time. The seismic impact of industrialization changed countless lives in the roaring 20s. In the 2020s, we see similar earth-changing events in our lives. Not surprisingly, the interior decor ideas that gained momentum a century ago are making a comeback in subtle ways by being at home in modern living rooms. Art Deco design elements, incorporated in furniture, patterns on throws, artwork, and artwork frame designs, breathe character and luxury into a modern and practical living room.

Multi Use Space

Wimbledon Interior Design Project for an Open-plan Lounge

Limited space is one of many factors that define living room layout. Because of the seismic trends that have shaken up how we lived early in the decade, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, people have stayed in their homes for a longer time than before. This led to people working from home for a substantial amount of time. Because more people are at home at once for extended periods, this influences how interiors work to serve their owners. Home offices, open interiors, and multi-use spaces became the norm in apartments and in many detached dwellings. 

Unexpected Color Pairings

Interior Design Project in Woodford Green Featuring this Red Accent Chair

Creating visual interests through bold material choices, such as aged metal on stone and earth-colors, is taking the forefront in 2023. In this Woodford Green family estate living room, the juxtaposition of the scarlet accent chair amidst natural colors creates exciting contrasts that combine to form a luxurious setting.

We Style Homes: The Experts in Modern, Practical, Luxurious but Affordable Living Room Interiors

Our interior designer in Hertfordshire uses natural lighting to bring more space into this living room.

Living rooms are essential interior spaces. There is no reason why you should take this space for granted to start creating something you will love to live in. We take pride in getting to know our clients to ensure we make excellent results for them. The modern living room, in step with the demands of 2023, reflects today’s needs. However, with We Style Homes, we work with essential design elements, from textured wallpaper, upholstery and cabinet choices, and flowing room transitions to create a very calm place you can call home. 
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