Modern Home Design Ideas for an Open-plan Layout
Combined living and dining rooms with a view of an outdoor sitting area

Home design ideas keep changing every year but seldom become obsolete. That’s the beauty of trends and ideas. But what happens when those ideas do become obsolete? That’s the dilemma that faces all of us when designing a modern home.

Don’t worry; we’ve prepared a list of some of the best modern home design ideas for you to choose from!

Open Plan Living

Open-plan living is one of the best modern home design ideas. Since many of us started working remotely during the pandemic, living in compact and enclosed places can take a toll on our mental health. 

Gravitating toward open-plan living, which incorporates multifunctionality into large spaces, is an important tip when designing a modern home. Think of large open staircases, lounge seating, a dining area next to an open kitchen, and no separation walls.

Incorporate Greenery

Incorporating greenery in your house is trending this year. And by incorporating greenery, we don’t mean working on your front lawn. Strategically placed planters and hanging little flower pots in your home can improve the space.

The natural green is also easy on the eyes and helps us relax. If you have a minimalist home design, incorporating greenery will help you adjust the theme and give a modern touch to your house. 

Consider transforming the center room into an internal courtyard if space isn’t an issue. Having a courtyard garden will give you an option to remove the pots and planters from inside your living space while giving your house a modern yet scenic touch! 

Secret Doors

Some modern home design ideas are plucked straight from cartoons and movies, and secret doors are one of those ideas. They’ve become quite popular in recent years and give your home an aura of mystique.

Moreover, you can have a dedicated office room or a bar for special friends tucked neatly behind concealed doors. We’re not talking about classic secret rooms behind bookshelves and libraries. Think more about doors blending with walls running along staircase banisters! When closed, no one except you might know the walls are hiding something!

Internal Windows

Internal windows are a great idea for designing a modern home. You can dedicate special spaces for a study room, a library, and even a special office centered in a living room. Internal windows can help connect these dedicated spaces while keeping them separate!

They’re easily one of the best modern home design ideas and offer houses a fun and unique look. Internal windows are best for contemporary architecture, but they also work well if you have kids around. You can keep a watchful eye on your children from the comfort of your living room!

We hope you like reading about our modern home design ideas and decide to use them. Designing a modern home can be a lot of fun, but you should always consider bringing in a professional for home décorExpert interior designers can help offer you the best tips and guidelines for all your interior needs!


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