3 simple tips for redecorating your kitchen

Kitchen Interior Design ideas, a Remodeled Kitchen
Redecorating a kitchen

Who doesn’t like their kitchen being renovated? But did you know upgrading your kitchen outlook doesn’t only offer aesthetic benefits? Besides adding a modern touch to your existing kitchen layout, renovation effort also enhances your kitchen’s storage capacity and beefs up the market value of your property. Not to mention that it makes it more functional. 

Moreover, purchasing new appliances with more energy efficiency reduces energy costs. For instance, if you invest over $6000 into a kitchen remodeling project, you can expect the overall property value to increase by $12,000. It’s double what you invested. Keeping that in mind, we have gathered essential tips to help you redecorate your kitchen.

Kitchen Interior Design ideas, Island Counter with Pendants


A fresh coat of paint on the wall of your kitchen will make it look brand new. Moreover, if you opt for light pastel colors, they will make your kitchen look more spacious. On the contrary, dark paint can give your kitchen a smaller feel; therefore, always opt for lighter hues. For more natural light, try adding glass windows. 

You can also make use of LED lights underneath your cabinets to illuminate your counter space or install track lighting with accentuated pendant lights. A large mirror might also help to reflect all the natural light sources. Just talk your contractor through all relevant details you want to add to your kitchen. 


Try thumbing through interior design books to look for interesting countertop options that best suits your need. Countertops are a crucial part of your kitchen. There is no such thing as large counter space; if you have a small one, try expanding it by asking your contractor to make more room for it. 

Add a new sink to switch up the style of your existing kitchen. Get rid of the stainless steel kitchen and opt for a farmer’s sink for a homier feel. You can also turn your sink into a cutting board for more counter space. 

Kitchen Interior Design ideas, Backsplash


A new backsplash can take your kitchen renovation game to the next level by acting as a focal point between your cabinetry and countertops. Always choose a backsplash option that goes into contrast with your countertops. For instance, if you have chosen black marble countertops, we suggest installing a white backsplash. 

There are numerous designs, varieties, and patterns that you can choose from. If you are hiring a contractor, then ask them for suggestions if you struggle with choosing a backsplash on your own. 

Wrapping Up

Always rely on a professional kitchen renovation service for your kitchen remodeling project. Since you will be investing heavily in your kitchen, you might as well make sure it doesn’t go wasted. 


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