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Before getting to 2022s biggest interior design trends, when it comes to decorating your home, there are not really any hard-and-fast rules — except do what makes you happy and resonates with your design style. The 2022 interior design trends are proven Instagram-worthy looks that you are sure to want to copy around your own home.

The quest for comfort and stability drove a lot of our decorating and design choices in 2021, experts say, and those same themes will continue to dominate interior design trends 2022. From the growing importance of sustainable materials, elegant elements, and the celebration of personality and uniqueness, our 2022 Interior Design Trends Edit provides you with the curated looks to ring in the new year in stunning style. With so many peoples outlooks on life changing in the course of 2021, and plenty hoping for a happier start to the New Year, we are taking a look at the interior design tips and trends of 2022 and beyond. Read on to find out more predictions on trends for home decor and home styling, including kitchen design trends, furniture, living rooms, colors, and the spring 2022 decorating trends.

Some 2022 home decor trends may just inspire you to make changes in your own space. It is always exciting to find out about trending color palettes, hot pieces of furniture, and other pieces of decor currently gaining popularity. Choose some key pieces that make a statement, and stick with a neutral color palette. Then, focus on adding some key pieces of furniture and accent pieces of decor to help you achieve that ideal minimalistic look.

With that kind of variety, you can not only create a house that is trending, but one that stays on point over time. Interior Designer Arielle Ohkin views it in a similar way, I am not a huge fan of trends, but I do want us to begin moving away from spaces that are completely grey and white, devoid of any personality. One trend that interior designer Kaitlyn Wilson would like to see disappear, and to remain gone, is the wall hanger inspired by 1970s movies.

As a cool, industrial look becomes less popular in favor of warmer styles, stainless-steel cooking hoods are starting to go out of favor, according to interior designer Leigh Lincoln, from Pure Salt Interiors. In addition to sage green, one of the strongest stylistic trends that has emerged in contemporary kitchen design is that of blue, which you can trace back to classic Shaker-style kitchens all the way through to sleek, minimalist contemporary spaces. Paint companies including Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, PPG, and others are calling the green hue a major color trend in 2022, and designers such as Ginger Curtis from Texas-based Urbanology Designs Texas, says that green is starting to overtake blue as the most popular color for decorating. Interior design trends in 2022 are not limited to touch and sight considerations: Scents are going to be front and center in 2022, as people perfume different areas of their homes to set specific moods. 


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