Popular bedroom colour schemes

Whether it is bright accent colors or a monochromatic, monochromatic palette, these bedroom color ideas are just the inspiration you need to imagine your dream bedroom. Blue bedroom color schemes are always going to be the way forward for spaces that require some (or lots) of tranquility. Neutrals are always going to be the sensible option for a bedroom color scheme, creating a welcoming, family-friendly space. This bedroom color scheme has the most beautiful pairing of green and soft pink, which are two colours that have been used separately popularly for years in bedrooms. 

The walls are painted Palladian Blue from Benjamin Moore, and the furnishings inside this green and sage-colored room fit perfectly with the theme. This gorgeous rose-colored bedroom is refreshing and airy, with that beautiful Palladian Blue standing out against the walls. The blue walls do feature a little bit of gold within the color, making this more of a bold bedroom choice.

There is also something really soothing about a pale blue, making it a great paint idea for the bedroom, and while it is quite a traditional, classic hue, it can look really cool and modern if combined with more daring hues, such as the accents of orange and green in this bedroom. Depending on which shade you go for, soft blues can work for dark bedrooms as well as lighter ones. It is a perfect bedroom paint color — more daring than white or grey, yet it is still very subtle and soft, and just instantly gives off a very peaceful mood.

If you love the white-on-white look, but your space feels a little stark and cold, then check out this bedroom color idea. If bold bedroom paint colors are not your thing, a bedroom with a neutral color scheme will give off a soothing, airy feeling, which is a perfect backdrop for constantly changing accessories. If you are not eager to paint your bedroom, then incorporate colorful bedding that compliments your neutral walls.

Use a stylish, saturated shade of forest green or teal for your bedroom walls, which will immediately brighten up the room. Whether you choose to go for pale pink or bold, be sure to pick complementary colors for the bedroom accessories, such as gray, green, and gold.

Dark colors will help a bedroom look cosy, neutrals and muted colors will help the room look peaceful, while bright colors will enhance your mood. If your bedroom is small, you can play it safe with a very neutral, lighter color, such as a bright white, since a very neutral color is more likely to make a room look bigger.

To make a bedroom look serene, white walls and natural hardwood flooring, accessorizing with shades of greens and lush prints, would add some interest. If you are looking to add warmth, simply introduce a few yellows and golden hues, as seen with this bedroom painting idea. In this stunning bedroom, popular Sherwin Williams Topsail paint is painted on the walls, helping bring out that clean, crisp feel. 


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