Modern Luxurious Apartment Interior Design Ideas

North London Interior Design for a Shoreditch Apartment Lounge

The pandemic has ushered in a reinterpretation of interior design, whether for vast palatial estates or small apartments. Though elements of maximum functionality and practicality have become the emphasis in modern room interior design ideas, especially for areas with limited spaces such as apartments, the end of lockdowns and reintroduction of normality turned a leaf from maximized functionality to bolder and more fearless concepts but still preserving most of what made interior spaces more useful than ever before.

Aside from daring and bolder concepts, the definition of luxury has changed over time. From the generosity of decorations in decades past, luxury is now defined as creating a seamless blend of the outside and inside to achieve comfort and functionality. The best luxury interior design ideas for small apartments are all about serving this need of occupants, which achieves maximum comfort and leads to a better sense of well-being and satisfaction. Luxury, after all, is not about showing off and being garish but rather about having a space where everyone can feel peace, comfort, and balance.

7 Modern Luxurious Apartment Interior Design Ideas in Essex

Having too much “stuff” to define luxury is a misconception. More gold, amenities, and accent pieces that produce a cluttered appearance go against the genuine concept of luxury. Luxury is all about having a straightforward, practical, and free-flowing design that caters to comfort and enhances space. In the case of areas with minimal spaces, this definition of luxury works better than in any other living space. To define what luxury means for apartments, here are seven concepts, from among the projects we delivered for our We Style Homes clients:

1. Pastel Shades for the Walls

Dalston Interior Design Bedroom

The trend has steadily been moving towards neutral and earthy tones because of their practical purpose. The luxurious aspect of these subtle shades impacts achieving relaxation by providing soothing vibes. Combined with warm lighting at night and natural lighting during the day, they also produce an effect that makes limited spaces seem larger. The magical healing ability of these colors lies in the way that they can effortlessly help achieve balance in the space. These subtle shades, after all, bring us closer to nature by adopting its aesthetics.

2. Introducing Your Individual Character through Artworks

Loughton Interior Design for a living room

Whether a piece of bespoke sculpture or a giant modern painting, artwork has a staggering effect in instantly introducing luxury in any space. These artworks create drama in limited spaces, such as an apartment, while providing balance when combined with accents, whether with a piece of ornate furniture or an accent wall. Moreover, a piece of art brings a taste of introducing visitors to who the occupant is and their character, and artwork does the sublime task of setting the mood in a space better than any other piece of furniture, amenity, or appliance can.

3. Textures in Highlight Walls

Dalston interior Design for a TV Rack

Minimalist design ideas have been at the forefront of luxury apartment designs coming into the 2020s. Today, the emphasis on achieving a luxurious feel has started to shift towards bringing exceptional quality into apartment spaces by introducing subtle hints of eccentricity and unique character. We are not talking about reintroducing generous splashes of ornaments but instead presenting a touch of personality and balance using textures in wall highlights. Whether using fluted wood panels or modern and bold wallpaper patterns, textures in highlights can provide the character needed in a space without using items that will occupy space.

Gold and Shiny Metal Accents

Hyde Park Interior Design for a Hotel Bedroom

After being placed on the wayside when minimalist interior design concepts became the rage, gold, and shiny metal accents are making a comeback, but in limited ways. Liberal use of polished metal accents has appeared occasionally throughout the last century. Art-deco interiors use gold accents liberally and have been used ad-nauseam in the 1980s. Whether as door knobs or lamps, perfectly positioned splashes of gold instantly convey elegance and sophistication in an interior space.

Large Walk-in Closets and Bathrooms

Wimbledon Interior Design for a Custom-made Wardrobe

The sense of luxury is also about personal perspective rather than projecting externally. In limited spaces, achieving a level of luxury can find its way through meaningful designs for bathrooms and walk-in closets. In small apartments, bathrooms provide a space for occupants to retreat. Placing substantial effort into decorating a bathroom is one way to achieve peace and balance while insulated from the rest of the world. Combined with walk-in closets, they serve the profound purpose of providing personal well-being and wellness.

Maximizing Natural Light

Dalston Interior Design for a Living Room Couch

Only some apartments have the best location with greens and natural scenery to help achieve maximizing the luxury provided by being closer to nature. In the case of flats located in cities, ample use of natural lighting can help bring natural vibes into an apartment space. Having more oversized windows is just a step in achieving this. Combining subtle natural shades and earth colors blends well with natural lighting. Together, they can achieve the peace and serenity of being close to nature despite being in the center of a busy locale. 

Using Heritage Styles with a Modern Take

Frames with artwork in an interior design project in Chigwell Grange
Chigwell Grange Frames Interior

Art Deco and Bauhaus design principles are making a comeback this decade. The elements borrowed from these design trends from close to a century ago can also serve the same purpose today. Bauhaus is about practicality and sense, while Art Deco is about character. With adequately positioned elements from heritage architectural style, an apartment space can acquire class, sophistication, and luxurious taste while preserving the practicality of modern interior design concepts.

Conclusion: Luxurious Apartment Interior Design is Desirable, Practical, and Affordable

Luxurious apartment interior design ideas have retained their primary purpose of practicality while emphasizing exceptionality to break from previous design concepts that required more life. Though minimalism and practicality are still essential in designing rooms with limited spaces, subtle hints of character can achieve a luxurious feel. Luxury is, after all, providing a space that is comfortable, desirable, and serene. 

We Style Homes have decades of experience creating luxurious yet practical, affordable interiors for our clients. We work closely with our clients, taking their needs to heart and adding elements that define their character to create perfect spaces that can indeed be called home. For luxurious apartment designs in Essex and interior spaces for homes, businesses, and estates, contact us at +44 (0) 203-150-0123. Please fill in the form on our contact page for interior design inquiries. We would love to get in touch with you.


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