Small bathroom design ideas

Look at pictures of bathrooms with a variety of colors and styles, and when you find a tiny-bathroom design you are inspired by, either save it to your Ideabook or reach out to the professionals who made it to see what kind of design ideas they have for your house. As you look through this small bathroom ideas photo gallery, make a note of any storage tricks, decorating ideas, or layout designs you love — who knows, you might just end up loving your own tiny, efficient space.

From easy choices to make, to tips and tricks from interior designers on choosing colors and finishes that flatter, we pulled some of our favorite compact space bathroom ideas together to help you design a small, powerful bathroom. These tiny bathroom ideas go beyond making the most of your available space, and they show that bold design elements can fit in right into the smallest rooms, too.

We know this is an old trick in the interior design books, but the bathroom mirror ideas really make space pop. When strategically placed, they can make even the smallest space seem lighter and more open.

Mirrors can totally change the appearance and feel of a room, because they reflect light and give off an impression of space. Mirrors always make the room look bigger, moreover, mirrors reflect light, so particularly if your bathroom is not just smaller, but dark, then a mirror will work wonders. Whether you mount a mirror on your wall or opt for adventurous mirrored tiles, reflections are guaranteed to make your bathroom look more vibrant. 

This bath packs a dramatic punch thanks to the wall tiles mirrored, which also helps to add dimension to a smaller space. An easy, effective fixed-mirror effect can really help exaggerate the size of space, so just hanging one big mirror on your tiny bathroom can make it seem much larger. Making sure that the lighting in the bathroom is done right – rather than relying on just one bulb above the head – will help that small bath space look larger, both when it is dark outside and when you cannot count on natural daylight.

Consider how your bathroom colour would look on all four walls – it might overpower in a small space if it is dark or bold; or it might make the room look completely featureless if it is pale – and that is where you have to get creative about adding patterns and textures to compliment this colour. While most people will tend to go with white, neutrals, and lighter shades for their bathroom walls, using bold, bright, or darker colors and patterns can bring a real sense of luxury to the bathroom space. It is Design 101 to keep things light in small spaces, so it makes sense that Realhome would stick with our light, bright color schemes for smaller bathrooms. This room does not receive much natural light, so it makes sense to keep the color palette fairly neutral when it comes to walls and trim, but something as small as an interesting print and a few brightly colored lights can add just the right splash of color to help make a room feel a little more fun and imaginative. 


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