Home Office Trends for 2023

Essex Interior Design for a Home Office

The last three years’ events have introduced seismic life changes to many of us. We were introduced to new ways of doing things out of necessity, such as working from home. Fast-forward 2023. Today, most of us are now free to work in offices, however many of us now prefer remote work. This need has prompted professionals and interior designers to improve such spaces. The principles we have emphasized from the start are maximizing functionality and productivity while providing comfort and relaxation. With surprisingly higher productivity rates for those working at home, ensuring an atmosphere and ambiance that promotes concentration on work but without the burden of stress over time is the primary purpose. As we enter 2023, we are ushering in the integration of style to ensure a harmonious confluence of these principles, leading to the following design trends for home offices.

Wood-Accented Home Office Interiors

Interior Design Project in Woodford Green featuring the wall design for this home office.

Wood is not a new trend as a preferred accent for home offices. However, wood-accented interiors are a top hit for this coming season. Wood is natural, relaxing, and comfortable, creating a perfect feel in a place where you will stay for extended periods. Because wood is the ideal material for tables, chairs, cabinets, bookcases, and walls, adding accents, such as contrasting panels with colors that mesh well with the natural beauty of grained wood, is recommended.

Color Accents That Pop

Our Shenfield interior designer used a wood panel into a study room.

To bring character and life to mostly neutral home office colors, we are ushering in ideas that lean to creativity and liberal choices of accent colors for furniture or decor. For instance, we use emerald green office chairs to introduce an accent that balances the cool tones of this Chigwell Estate project. This year’s home office designs welcome bold color choices to encourage creativity and joy.

Integrated Home Office

A desk interior in an Interior Design Project in Chigwell Grange

Either out of necessity or a personal decision, making the most of spaces in homes persists as a trend. Whether you prefer to integrate your home office in a living room or, in the case of this Chigwell Grange project, the bedroom and open floor work areas are welcome as long as the room’s function doesn’t disturb the work process. This design idea works perfectly for flats and other dwellings with limited living spaces.

Accent Ideas for Minimalists

Loughton Interior Design project for a home office.
Loughton Interior Design Boys Room

Minimalism is still a preferred style after three years since home offices became a norm. However, the straightforward designs of minimalist home offices are redefined through accents. Though decluttered backgrounds and neutral colors still dominate the setting, distinctive colors for a piece (or pieces) of furniture or a distinctive but clean wallpaper design accentuate a functional layout.

Mid-Century-Meets-Modern Home Offices

Wimbledon Interior Design for a Home Office
Home office – Wimbledon

The genesis of mid century-modern homes is the Bauhaus movement, which started a century ago in Germany. Its influences have defined interior designs ever since. The clean, exceptional, functional, and sensible design styles are a feature of modern mid-century designs that are all the rage coming into this year. Artistic, stylish, and practical, the mid-century aesthetic strikes the perfect balance between art and function, which are ideal in today’s home offices.

Approaching Maximalism

Interior Design Studio in the Woodford Green Family Home

Truly maximalist patterns are not design trends, but movements that indicate design cues that bring more elegance that blend with the room’s character are also becoming a norm. Neoclassical-style furniture and neutral tones match the bookshelves, the photos, the swatches, and the television to create a balanced look for this Woodford-green family home office.

The Balcony Office

Interior Design for Dalston for a Living Room Rack
Interior Design for Flats

One of the latest trends in home office designs is taking the workspace anywhere you can. Placing vertical storage alongside a desk with a beautiful outside view makes for an enticing work area. In the case of flats or small apartments, use limited spaces smartly, such as the balcony, which would otherwise be unused for any other reason.

Emphasis on Having an Excellent Video Call Background

Home Office Ideas for a Backdrop Display

When designing home offices with video calls in mind, stay in the space behind your back. Aside from being decluttered, make sure the rest are neat and tidy. If you demand a formal setting for video calls, having a perfect background ensures a clean and dignified setting. A large wall painting or an accent piece adds visual interest. Open shelving or accent walls work well in any home office design.

Our interior designers in Hatfield uses lighting among shelving

Letting In Natural Light

Office Interior design

Practicality and utility do not end with the functionality of everything in a home office. As the movement leaning on sustainability is a significant marketing trend, minimizing energy consumption influences interior design ideas, including home offices. Maximizing natural light saves on energy costs, as well as sunlight blending well with neutral or earth tones preferred in many home office spaces.

Don’t Forget to Lounge Once in a While

Hounslow Interior Design for a Bedroom Chair

Even when working at home, it is essential to take occasional breaks. Having specially-designed spaces for rest will provide this necessity after working long hours. A lounge or a comfortable accent chair would suit this need.

Simple Design Solutions for Home Offices in Essex

chigwell interior design

For over fifteen years, we have created for our clients’ spaces that are beautiful, comfortable, and timeless. Our design philosophy carried over into the last few years is ideally on point in providing the need for practical home offices. Our design process involving discovery, consultation, design, implementation, installation, and staging assures our clients of the best possible home office interiors. Home offices and any other part of the house deserve keen attention to understanding your design aesthetic, personal values, passions, and needs to create an authentic reflection of your exceptional taste and lifestyle. This approach works perfectly to design the ideal home office for 2023. To make the perfect home office, you may send enquiries by visiting our contact page. You may also call our office at +44 (0) 203-150-0123.


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