Home Office interior design tips

Here, we have collected 65 ideas for a home office thatll inspire you to design work-friendly spaces in your home. Whether it is an specialized room, an outdoor room built just for the purpose, or a smaller office with bigger ambitions, discover tons of great ideas for a home office in our design gallery. 

Other popular ideas to make your home office feel good include installing a bulletin board, hanging plants, and floating shelves to display work highlights, personal art, or whatever else inspires you. Postcards from places you love, mood boards, or well-chosen prints and patterns that liven up your home office will all contribute to creating a productive space. Incorporating an antique item, such as an old desk, in your home office will add some fun — and look amazing in a modern space, too. Choosing the best desk for your home office will include considering the amount of space available in your room. 

Your usual office desk could easily fit into the family room, behind your couch, or near the window. If it is your one and only office, it is important that you choose a solid desk that will keep all of your office documents in one place; it needs to look professional and have a two-sided design to allow for meetings. Best Place Away From Main Living Space If you have a family who will want to keep the TV on when you are trying to work, the home office may double up as a study area, too, so having it close to where you will spend the majority of your time could prove really helpful. 

No matter how big or small your office set-up is, it should be a place you can work in comfortably and productively. With proper spatial planning, you can actually create a home office in any room that already exists, such as the family room, the dining room, or even earmark a whole spare room. A clever office wall design or a storage system can do wonders to help keep you organized as well. 

A desk, comfortable chair, and a little bit of storage are all you will need to create a productive space. You may want some storage space for office supplies, files, computer accessories, and more. Ideally, serving means that your home offices will have their own dedicated room, but if you have limited space, you could combine them with the spare room, or incorporate them in the corner of any bedroom, living room, or kitchen.

We love countless ideas for saving space, like the simple desk mounted on the wall, shelves turned into stylish workspaces, and the elegant workspace cleverly hidden behind sliding doors, so that when not being used, it can be closed so the rest of the room looks tidy and orderly. Designer Kelly Wearstler makes a desk the star of her home office design — showing that even when you are limited on space, choosing a desk that is an attractive piece of furniture on its own can make yours a stimulating space in which you spend your days. By creating a cozy, organized, but functional workspace, you can bring in a productive home office: whether you are working more often from home, need a corner to study for your side gig, or a special place for keeping up with lifes administrative tasks. 


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