Interior Designer in Chelmsford

We believe that the key to a perfect interior design is seamlessly blending our clients’ ideas, aspirations, and needs into our design process. Let your interior designer in Chelmsford work with you through the process to ensure they can turn your dream home into a reality.

Take a Journey with Interior Designers in Chelmsford to Create Perfect Interiors

From newly-built flats to home renovations, we always seek to create interiors that perfectly reflect our clients’ tastes, needs, and personal styles. We ensure that we produce luxurious yet practical, affordable, and timeless space.

Interior space is the essence of your home. That is why we don’t leave a single detail behind. We always consider everything to make sure that everything fits your needs and provides you with a space where you will love to live.

TV rack and accent chair by our interior designer in Totteridge
Interior Designers in Wimbledon designed this bedroom with exceptional bedside pendants.
Our interior designers in Hatfield uses subtle contrasts in accents in a bedroom
Our Interior Designer in Chelmsford Designed This Lounge Display
Our Interior Designer in Chelmsford Chose a Chocolate Brown Lounge Chair

Interior Design in Chelmsford That is Modern, Practical, and Affordable

We work hard to execute each step of the interior design process perfectly. Our commitment to understanding our clients deeply sets us apart from other interior design companies. To create a space that is exceptional, they should mirror our clients’ ideas and personalities and blend them seamlessly into the room we work in.

We are excited to go through the interior design process with our clients. The more we get to know them, the more it inspires us to conceive perfect spaces for them. Though this journey takes many critical steps, the joy and satisfaction we see in our clients make our work worthwhile.


We start the process by getting to know our clients deeply through a questionnaire and a complimentary Discovery Call to follow through.


We survey the site to consolidate your requirements, needs, and design ideas and to get deeper into what inspires you.


Here is where we give form to your inspiration and how it blends with the space provided to us.


This is the step where we make the form tangible and turn it into something you can touch and feel.


All elements are blended and tested to ensure that we are well on creating the perfect space for you.


Finalising your interiors is the most exciting process. Here is where we put the final touches, accents, and adjustments.

Modern station in a Chigwell Grange interior design project

Our expert interior designer for Chelmsford creates luxury interiors that are luxurious, practical, timeless, and affordable.

At We Style Homes, we work very closely with our clients to discover and achieve their perfect interiors. We support you through each step of the interior design process. We consider everything, from materials to liaising with suppliers, all the way to the exciting “reveal.”

Modern Interior Design

We create interiors that perfectly fit the needs and personal tastes of our clients. Our design principles reflect modern concepts that address these requirements seamlessly.

Professional Team

We work with experienced and talented architects, artisans, and builders to ensure the highest quality interiors are delivered to our clients on time and within budget.

We Value Your Time

The interior design process requires many steps. However, we are also excited to deliver your ideal interiors as soon as possible.

We Value Communication

We believe that the key to perfect interiors is getting to know our clients deeply. That is why we always leave an open line for communication about your project.

Affordable Price

We provide the best value for money for the services we offer. We always seek to find the perfect balance between beauty, functionality, and affordability.

Let’s Start The Interior Design Journey To Create The Perfect Interior Design in Chelmsford

The first step is getting to know you. The key to a perfect interior design is understanding your thoughts, needs, and inspiration.

Pillows in an interior design project in Chigwell Grange
Our Interior Designer in Chelmsford Selected a Circular Hardwood Table for a Dining Room
Loughton Interior Design project for a bedroom dresser.
Our Passion

Design is where art, science, passion, and inspiration blends

We Style Homes is all about providing interiors where our clients love to live. We are passionate about creating the perfect space for our clients. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their needs, inspiration, and design tastes are met. With the help of our expert team of architects, builders, and craftsmen, we will create a perfect blend of art, science, and passion for bringing your inspiration to life using the most modern techniques.

Portfolio of our Interior Design Projects in Chelmsford

Chelmsford Home

A perfect blend of fabrics, textures, and toned-down colors work seamlessly with natural light. Creating an illusion of space in an attic bedroom.

Minimalist Office

A perfect minimalist’s home office. The combination of neutral colors and straightforward furniture designs are broken by the choices of contrasting colors for cabinets, giving the space a unique character.

Our Interior Designers In Essex Will Create the Perfect Space For You

Interior Designer in Wimbledon provided this chandelier for a bedroom.
Our Interior Designers for Wimbledon, Vandana & Megha

Let’s Start Your Interior Design Chelmsford Project.

Ideal and luxurious interiors need not be expensive. With the best interior designer in Chelmsford with you through the interior design process, you can ensure that you will have interiors that you will love to live in.