Interior Designer Chigwell

WeStyle homes stand out because of our ability to work closely with clients. Our philosophy and highly personalised service have enabled us to create perfect interior spaces for our clients consistently. We make our interior design process exciting from conception to the ever-exciting “reveal.”

Our Shenfield interior designer used pendants and well-balanced textures through beddings and rugs.
Our Shenfield interior designer used a wood panel into a study room.
Vandana and Megha, our Interior Designers in Potters Bar
Our interior designer in Shenfield used contrasts to provide accent to a room.

We Create Perfect Interior Design for Our Chigwell Clients

With decades of combined experience, our exceptional team can make your design inspiration into reality. We work hard to know our clients closely to ensure that we create spaces that you can enjoy.

We are seasoned interior designers that believe in the true beauty of our client’s vision. Combined with our technical ability and a dependable network of architects, builders, and support staff, we can build spaces you can truly cherish and call home.

Our interior design process is made of exciting steps. We don’t only build quality and luxurious interiors. We also build dreams!


We work hard to know our clients. Starting with the questionnaire and our complimentary Discovery Call, we start our exciting interior design journey together by familiarizing ourselves with your design inspiration and needs.


The next vital step is the site visit. We survey your property to review the requirements and needs of the site to ensure that we transform the space into something more inspiring and beautiful.


Here is the process of using the latest technology and interior design techniques to put the form into your inspiration. We consult with you through CAD drawings and mood boards to ensure that you receive a product that is perfect for your needs and design requirements.


Once we finalise the design, an excellent team of professionals will turn your design inspiration and dreams into reality!


This is where we put the unique character into your interior space. With close attention to detail and our deep affinity with your inspiration, we can perfectly combine all elements to create the interiors you want.


The all-exciting step! Here, we finalise the design by making minor adjustments and placing key elements to make your interior space truly a home.


Our Expert Chigwell Interior Designer Will Create Interiors That are Practical, Timeless, Affordable, and Luxurious

A space that is both practical and luxurious is possible. We Style Homes work hard to ensure all elements blend to create the perfect space for you.

Modern Interior Design

Modern interior design concepts are meant to blend the practical with luxury. We utilise existing elements to ensure that each space is meaningful and adds to the desirability of the space we create for you.

Professional Team

Our exceptional team of architects, builders, and artisans work closely with us to ensure that your dream interiors are turned into reality. Their keen eye for detail will help all elements mesh perfectly together in something you can hold and live in.

We Value Results

Nothing else satisfies us more than seeing how satisfied our clients are with the spaces we create. Please don’t take our word for it. Our clients only have good words about our work.

We Value Communication

The most essential element of a perfect space is your inspiration. You, as a client, are the center of the interior space. Providing an open line of communication enables us to create an ideal space that will serve you best.

We Value Your Time

Time is a precious resource. That is why we work hard to ensure you can enjoy your home sooner. We go out of our way to ensure that we know you closely because we believe that the time we spend with you is the most important time we spend on our project.

Let’s Create Your Perfect Interior Design In Chigwell

Starting your dream interiors is a simple process. You need to help us get familiarized with your needs and design inspiration by answering the questionnaire. If you find the questionnaire too long, don’t worry! We have a complimentary Discovery Call to ensure we get the details on paper.

Let’s Create Your Perfect Interior Design In Chigwell

Interior Design in Chigwell That is a Perfect Embodiment of Your Exceptional Qualities as a Homeowner

What makes your space beautiful is your inspiration. We merely help you make it a tangible expression of your unique and exceptional qualities. Our design process is designed to ensure that we achieve a space that is perfect, a space that you can indeed call a home.

We are excited to start the interior design process with you. For decades, we have only achieved perfection for our clients. We are motivated by satisfying our clients by providing them with an interior space they will cherish.

Smart storage, mirrors, & accents used by our interior designer in Shenfield.
Interior Designers in Wimbledon designed this bedroom with exceptional bedside pendants.

Our Interior Design Projects in Chigwell

Chigwell Grange

We upgraded a new build home with higher-end finishes to give it that luxurious feel. Each element, from the carpets and wooden flooring to each piece of furniture, was perfectly blended.

Chigwell Home

With textured wallpaper flowing throughout the rooms and bespoke upholstery and cabinetry making a subtle but impressive statement, every room partnered with one another, creating a very calm place to call home.

Chigwell Estate

“It was an absolute pleasure working with We Style Homes. They understood our brief from the get go, and created the most amazing results.”

Our Interior Designers In Essex Will Create the Perfect Space For You

Interior Designer in Wimbledon provided this chandelier for a bedroom.
Our Interior Designers for Wimbledon, Vandana & Megha

Let a Chigwell Interior Designer Create the Perfect Interior Space For You

Let us take this exciting interior design journey together. We believe that your inspiration is an essential part of a perfect interior. Together, we can create a comfortable, practical, modern, and luxurious interior space.