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At We Style Homes, we always put our clients at the centre of what we do. The true beauty of the design is drawn deeply from the hearts of our clients. That is why we value working closely with our clients to make the interior design journey exciting for them.

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Interior Design That is Modern, Practical, and Affordable in Sunningdale

Luxury is attainable at a reasonable price. With the help of our exceptional team of architects, builders, merchants, and artisans, we ensure beautiful results within the budget and timeline targets. Our thoroughness and meticulous approach provide our clients with an efficient interior design process where each detail is taken care of.

Our passion goes beyond the technical aspects of interior design. We value establishing profound and lasting relationships with our clients, many of whom have become friends. We are confident that they can vouch for our professionalism and thoroughness in delivering our service.


We value our clients' input. We start the process through our exploratory meetings to ensure that we capture your design aspirations, needs, and vision of perfect interiors.


We conduct a site survey to ensure that the needs, requirements, and design ideas blend into an interior space that will serve you best.


We use our technical expertise and deep knowledge of our clients' needs to turn your vision and design aspirations into something that can be seen.


We turn your vision into something tangible by putting meaningful pieces together to transform the existing space.


With the help of our exceptional team of architects, builders, merchants, and artisans, we blend and test elements to create the perfect space for you.


The run-up to the ever-exciting "reveal" may include placing the final touches to finalise the dream interiors you aspire for.

Sunningdale Estate Interior Design

Our Expert Interior Designer in Sunningdale Creates Dream Interiors that are Timeless, Functional, Luxurious, and Affordable

Our design principles are about providing the perfect interior spaces for our clients. These interiors have all the benefits of modern design principles, serving their needs with a touch of luxury and sophistication, with a perfect blend of functionality and style.

Modern Design Approach

Our modern approach emphasises the seamless blend of practicality, functionality, style, and luxury. We ensure that you will experience the benefits of the latest design concepts.

Professional Team

Our exceptional team of architects, builders, artisans, and merchants will ensure that your design aspirations are realised while completing your interior design project in Sunningdale within budget and timeline targets.

We Value Your Time

We always seek to make the entire interior design process exciting for you. We ensure that every moment spent working with us will be truly worthwhile and satisfying.

We Value Communication

The key to achieving perfect designs is realising what is deep in the hearts of our clients. That is why communication is vital to make your vision a reality.

Affordable Price

At We Style Homes, we believe that luxury is attainable at a reasonable price through an efficient interior design process and thorough approach to project management.

We Are All About Beautiful Results

As the centre of everything we do, we ensure that our final product fully satisfies the requirements of our clients.

Do you need to quote for an interior designer in Sunningdale?

We would love to hear about your design aspirations, vision, and dreams to help us start our interior design project. Please complete the form below, and we will be in touch soon to schedule a consultation.

Interior Design - Sunningdale
Digital art Wallpaper - Sunningdale

We Create a Space You Can Truly Call a Home

At We Style Homes, we ensure we capture your design aspirations to create spaces that will serve you best. We take every square foot and every second of the time working with you to heart to create functional, practical, modern, and luxurious spaces. Interiors are deeply emotional spaces. That is why the key to creating perfect interiors is listening to the hearts of our clients.

Our efficient interior design process and project management ensure that luxury is something that is attainable for our clients. We coordinate closely with all elements of the team to ensure you get results that exceed your expectations.

Our Interior Design Projects in Sunningdale and Other Locales

Sunningdale Estate

Our client wanted rooms that made a bold statement. Something that brought a pop of colour and had a story behind it for their family and friends to enjoy. They asked to keep it sleek and modern.

Osterley Homes

With We Style Homes, some clients need help on only some rooms in their home, whether it be kitchen, lounge, bathrooms, office space, home bars, new window dressing or soft furnishings.

Crescent Hyde Park Hotel

Beautiful Grade II listed building seconds away from Hyde Park. With limited construction allowed in the hallway, we managed to give life to a tired hallway and revive it with a chic gothic vibe, bringing tranquillity and calmness to the bedrooms.

Let's Start Your Dream Interior Design Project in Sunningdale

We believe that luxury is attainable and affordable through our efficient project management approach. We are also excited to start your dream interior design project in Sunningdale. Please drop us a call, so we can commence with the interior design process.