How to select an Interior Designer

Now that you have made the decision to hire an interior designer, you will want to understand the process involved in choosing one who is the best fit for your specific project. You made an excellent choice, but you need to be confident that the designer you are hiring is going to be the right fit for you and your home. Finding an interior designer who will bring your vision to life is similar to finding a partner: It does not work if the chemistry is not right, and you need to love the same things. Choosing the right interior designer for your project is crucial – you not only want to love their creative style, you also need to communicate well with them so you can make sure both of you understand what it is that you are trying to accomplish. 

How much an interior designer listens to you, asks your questions, and talks through planning your design as they outline the design process is probably an indication of a good relationship, and eventually, a successful project. You are effectively going to work with an interior designer on your own house design, so it is essential you are on the same page and have a good working relationship. Most importantly, after doing your homework, you will have a solid understanding of what your home needs, and this makes finding interior design help much easier. You can even start with a single item in your house that you truly love and want to include in your new design.

If you do not have a solid sense of what kind of design you love, look for inspiration in functions and styles that speak to you and your family. You may want to check out model homes or design showcases in your area, and pick out one that speaks to your design sensibilities. Of the handful of designers you have narrowed down, bring in the best one to look at a space you would like decorated. If your project is smaller, or if you do not feel you have to hire a certified interior designer, research the interior decorators in your area who will fit your needs, budget, and tastes.

Be sure to look at each designers portfolio to make sure that their ideas match what you are looking for. Take your time when hiring an decorator. You will want to select a designer that has experience working on a budget similar to yours to get the best results. If you feel like your tight budget puts you outside of reach when it comes to choosing designers. You can find an interior designer who will deliver on any style, to meet any budget; most are capable of working with a wide variety of design trends and styles.

You can hire an interior designer to provide consultations and assist in things such as choosing paint colors, lighting, sourcing fabrics, buying furniture, or planning your space. Think of choosing the right interior designer a bit like dating: You are going to want to find a great fit, trust one another, and have a shared understanding about likes, dislikes, budgets, etc. That way, you can easily compare the styles of at least three potential designers, and pick the one that is most in sync with your own. A good way to do that is by meeting with at least three potential designers and getting their aesthetic, working style, and personalities. 


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