Best Home Design Trends for 2022

Exceptionality is one of the biggest home design trends
Image of a yellow one-seater in a minimalist living room

Have you been looking for different ideas to upgrade your house? Well, you’re not alone. The pandemic resulted in people spending a lot of time in their homes. So, it comes as no surprise that many of us are looking to upgrade our abodes with the best interior design trends. 

Besides, keeping up with the best home design trends can offer a breath of fresh air, because who knows what’s in store for us 2022. Follow us as we walk you through some of the best ideas to upgrade your house for a very stylish year!

Traditionalism Is Back

Being locked up inside a space that does not feel familiar can take a toll on your mental health. Plus, it just doesn’t feel comfortable. Traditional details have made a huge comeback to combat foreign feelings inside your own space. 

One of the biggest interior trends, traditional details, involves the incorporation of pattern mixing, flanged furniture, and antique pieces such as classic wooden showcases. These can help give your home a sense of comfort and nostalgia!

Maximalism Over Minimalism

Yes, you heard us right. Minimalism has been one of the best home design trends in recent years, but we think this year calls for something extra. 

Maximalism is the exact opposite of minimalistic designs and is making a flamboyant return. This year, go the extra mile with richly-hued color pallets and textures, bullion fringes, and fancy French Commodes. How about going for that luxurious mohair fabric for your home furnishing? 

Biophilic Designs

Biophilic designs are one of the biggest interior trends in 2022. You will find that many of these ideas to upgrade your house are inspired by the lockdowns during these past two years. Although biophilic designs have been used in interior design before, they’re growing to become one of the best home design trends this year.

Regain your connection to the outside world with the help of architecture focused on getting more natural light into your house. The design places emphasis on increased ventilation, a lot of windows, and using indoor house plants. You might even invest in a planter or two and match it with your home décor theme! 

Multi-purpose Spaces

Muti-functional spaces or dual-purpose rooms are back in demand. It’s important to utilize space in an effective manner, especially after COVID, as people have had to use their homes for more than just relaxation. 

As a result, multipurpose rooms have become one of the best home design trends of 2022. Design your rooms for double duty, install working desks in rooms, equip your sunroom or bedroom with exercise equipment, and turn your study into a conference room for meetings. Dual-purpose rooms allow you to really milk your home’s utility potential.

In Conclusion

These were some popular ideas to upgrade your house in style. This year is going to bring a lot of changes with people finally heading out of their homes. Easter is also around the corner so you might start getting guests. Use our ideas regarding the best home design trends to liven up your house and make people gasp in awe!


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